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2nd December 2013 - 18:49:46
2054 : Fartice
Can you flex and fart yourself in the face?
I have done this as a yoga position without any success



No that one isn't in my repertoire I have to cup and scoop my farts if I want to smell them.

Mr Methane!

1st December 2013 - 10:55:30
2053 : Dan
What form of yoga do you recommend to learn the art of controlling your diaphragm from farting?


Hello Dan,

All kinds off yoga are good, it's about the stretching but if I was to choose one it would be Dru Yoga as it stretches you gently.

Mr Methane!

7th November 2013 - 20:26:13
2051 : sonny fjartstrom
Is it you singing those X-mas tunes..? It`s really good vocals(Besides the genius anal sounds)


Hello Sonny,

Yes its me singing, I've got both ends covered.

Mr Methane!

6th November 2013 - 20:00:53
2050 : Thad
Good to hear!

I might me sending my sis a Mr. Methane card for Christmas.

I will be Globefarting down to El Salvador at the end to the week to spend some time with the in-laws.

Rice and beans every day....O-lay!

All the best!

1st November 2013 - 23:57:34
2049 : Thad
Are you still around? I see that you have not made a posting in some time. I hope all is well.

Flatulencely yours,


Hello Thad,

Thanks for your concern. No need to worry, I've been busy "Farting Around" the globe and generally working on other projects like this one

Best Wishes,

Mr Methane!

1st November 2013 - 22:38:02
2048 : Benjamin Von Dardel
Can you send out some of your "monster Turds" to me., I wan`t to send it to my X-boss as a X-Mas gift.
Thank you!


Hello Benjamin,

Unfortunately UK Postal Regulations forbid this with the exception of Medical facilities who are permitted to shop 'poo' samples for diagnostic and research purposes through the mail, but only if they follow detailed packing, labeling and shipping requirements. So its a non starter.

Mr Methane!

22nd October 2013 - 01:52:38
2046 : Bob
I LOVE you! You are SOOO funny! My sister was sad, but watching you cheered her right up! You are fartastic!

Keep making people LOL,


Thanks Bob,

Bringing "Cheer With My Rear" is what its all about.

Mr Methane!

19th October 2013 - 00:02:01
2045 : Narelle Beveridge
Keep up the good work mate


Thanks Narelle

Mr Methane

15th October 2013 - 15:54:08
2044 : Ray
Hi Mista
Farting is a skill.My favourites one is the raspberry followed closely by the blanket ripper.Different ways of executing the fart can also enhance the performance.
Cocking a leg,bending the knees,pretending to fire a gun,when breaking wind can raise a few laughs.
I'm a good farter.I like to be in a nice business
suit when i'm farting well.



From your depth of knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the subject it's obvious that you are a Pro.

Mr Methane

8th October 2013 - 15:17:55
2043 : Marcel Methaan
Hi Mr Methane

Thanks to your 'blowing' performances, I can tell you we have such a lot of fun at our company these days. Thanks to this, my nickname has changed to Marcel Methane, because I'm knowing as the company-farter. Just to improve my skills, is there something I can take or eat to control the beat more gently ?

Thx for your reply,

yours bubble blowing BELGIUM fanclub.

Farting Marcel !



Its all down to diaphragm & sphincter control really.

Its good to hear that my farts are not only being heard loud and clear in Belgium but that they are also appreciated.

Best Wishes,

Mr Methane

20th September 2013 - 15:56:11
2042 : justwondering
Would you do a show where the smell is accentuated to stink out an audience if there was a demand?

I was thinking maybe with a a half cleared 'throat' after a cracking night on the ale and a curry to see how much they could take.


I'm guessing this is the show where the seats at the back are more expensive than the ones at the front?

Mr Methane

19th September 2013 - 19:49:40
2041 : Warren
No matter what kind of mood I'm in, your videos never fail to put a smile on my dial :)
Thanks, Mr Methane!


No problem Warren I'm glad your getting a kick from them.

Mr Methane

18th September 2013 - 19:10:03
2040 : CH4RIS
Hey Mr Methane! Just wondering if you are the originator of the sound effects on the iPhone's iFart app--I could swear I've heard the Brown Mosquito and Bye Granny on one of your sympho-colonic works---just curious!

Hope your summer was a gassy blast...



I must check those fart samples out, thanks for the info.

Mr Methane

28th August 2013 - 04:02:25
2039 : erik
Mr. Methane, you are a god!!! Every guy wants your talent and it is a true gift that we get to experience thanks to your deft skills.

Cheers from America!!!!!!!


Thanks Eric and God Bless America, Land Of The Brave & The Free

Mr Methane

21st August 2013 - 21:11:10
2038 : Fuzzy Bridges
Dear Mr Methane,

The movie Napoleon Dynamite was made into a cartoon series. In one of the episodes it is stated that if you sneeze, fart, cough and yawn at the same time you'll explode.

What are your thoughts about joint combustion of this sort? Would you consider experimenting on that?

May the force be with you!



I think this is possibly the bodily function equivalent of Phil Spectre's Wall Of Sound.

Mr Methane

19th August 2013 - 10:53:02
2037 : Nick
Mr. Methane, I Love you, I would love to have your skills!

On a serious note: Are you able to make monster turds?

Thanks for everything!



Monster Turds are always preferably to rabbit droppings, they give your arse something to chew on and spit out.

Mr Methane

12th August 2013 - 08:03:55
2036 : Dan the tcchnoman
Hi Mr Methane

any plans to come to Australia for a tour? I would like you to attempt farting a star wars song titled "The Imperial March" Can you send me a fart text have great windy day!



It's all in the hands of my Australian agent / promoter, Artie Laing of A-List as to whether I bring the thunder back down under, I've not heard from him lately so I guess the current situation is probably not anytime soon I'm sorry to say.

Mr Methane

9th August 2013 - 11:29:52
2035 : Nicola
The only reason I have kept my video player is so I can watch my Mr Methane video! It always makes me laugh soo much. Thank you Mr Methane : )


Hello Nicola,

If your VCR ever packs up the good news is that Mr Methane Let's Rip is now available on a region free DVD disc from this website and also amazon.

Yours flatulently,

Mr Methane!

3rd July 2013 - 20:27:07
2032 : AudiosErgeon
Hey Mr. Methane,

I'm a farter and i enjoy your work. If you get a chance pretty please check out some of my fart videos on YouTube. I'm sure you will love them.

Your Fan,



Keep up the good work Brother.

Mr Methane

28th June 2013 - 13:28:59
2031 : Weise Carlo
Ich furze im Bett das die Bettdecke an die Decke fliegt.


You must have very strong anal powers to do that. Watch it doesn't get caught on the lampshade

Mr Methane

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