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10th October 2003 - 15:39:22
485 : GB.ort.Polen
Its good

8th October 2003 - 11:31:09
482 : Largeass
Hi Mr Methaine

Will just tell you that Im a huge fan, saw you when you visited Norway, and you farted Randolf the reindeer, Santa Claus with ho ho hooooo!!! etc.

Keep on farting, and by the way I will order your DVD.

Espen Evensen

7th October 2003 - 02:17:17
481 : fart
you suck air up your anus, contract your sphincter muscle and then blow it out to create a fart. Man your a God !!!!!!

5th October 2003 - 07:14:05
479 : Shaniqwa
Hey my high rollin, big ace, over the top, pimp! haha! I love the website! It's great!

5th October 2003 - 04:10:03
478 : Paul
Have you ever farted on a flame?

We need to see that on the Howard Stern Show!


I have to save some special things for the people that come to see or book the LIVE SHOWS that I do. Mr. Methane!

1st October 2003 - 01:54:57
475 : A random butthole
You are the most talented master of colons I ever heard. Keep up your musical melodies of oxide disruptences. Good luck with all the soiled crevices and crispy cracks you may leave. (pork demon)

27th September 2003 - 20:05:05
472 :

27th September 2003 - 02:24:36
471 : Tristen&Steven
your awesome

24th September 2003 - 18:37:32
470 : jake

18th September 2003 - 07:26:31
469 : hunter
hi mr methane

18th September 2003 - 00:24:36
468 : Kevin
Mr. Methane, I had a marvelous idea today. Today at work, I had an excessive amount of gas, due to having eaten pasta and sauce with cloves in it. So periodically I'd have to go to the men's room to slowly release the hot (and I mean HOT) gas. I tried to not be loud. But the harder I tried to release it quietly, the more bizarre and erratic the sound, and the longer the fart. Farts like this, if captured on video, would be extremely funny.

Needless to say, I never seemed to run out of gas. I felt like I could inflate balloons with my butt. Hot air balloons too.

I got this idea that you could consider developing for future performances. Blowing up balloons with your butt. It is probably a matter of getting a tube with the right size fit, sticking one end in your anus, and sealing the area so dflatus does not escape when you fart. Of course, before insertion, first you'd attach an uninflated balloon to the other end.

I can imagine how funny it would be seeing you on stage blowing up balloons with your butt. Perhaps pop some balloons over a fire and toss the rest into the audience for souviners.

- Kevin

14th September 2003 - 05:44:35
467 : Johnny Thunder clap
Always loyal to Sir Mr. Methane
who I look up to and try to be more like you.

Thanks for everything Mr Methane.

Johnny Thunder Clap.

13th September 2003 - 00:45:46
466 : cHRIS
Way to go Mr. Methane we need you to start marketing in the rap area as well. I love your hits. Well mastered! I know talent when I hear it...your my Idol!

Dedicated fan


8th September 2003 - 15:47:44
please contact with me on e-mail

6th September 2003 - 00:06:59
463 : dukie
how do you fart so loud

30th August 2003 - 00:25:54
462 : antibeano
this is awsome i laf too much NIGGAH!

28th August 2003 - 15:03:18
461 : |TRiC|LtPitt
I thought I was a cool guy, but now that I have realized that I' m not able to control my farts I feel just like a little crap.

27th August 2003 - 13:10:24
460 : Nicola Reljic (SLIMERD)
Hi mr methane you are identical of me because me too suking air end after PRRRR!!!! I' sing with my bum so I'm very happy if you responded to my letter


20th August 2003 - 14:33:28
459 : Giles Harris
Thanks for the signed postcard with the video, which is something special about the purchase! I would like to share a little known scientific fact about farting ( which was arrived at by a group of world class biochemists over a few pints of gassy ale ! ) that, Mr Methane your farts could be supersonic, as the speed at which sound travels is dependent on the density of the medium through which it is transmitted , CH4 being different in density to air, therefore theoretically, the sound transmitted within the methane/air mix is technically supersonic. So take it from me you are probably faster than concord!!
Cheers now and good luck for the future.

14th August 2003 - 03:22:32
458 : Tim Loots
I'm impressed with your talent!

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