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10th August 2003 - 11:21:45
457 : Eli aka Phartemon the Phlatulent
Hey hey hey....just wanted to drop in, and say a big THANK YOU to Mr. Methane for putting a link to my band's site ( I can say safely that Tommy and I are Huge fans, and I have nearly urinated upon myself from laughter at some of Mr. Methane's videos ("you know when you've been methaned") At anyrate, we appreciate it, and look forward to more of your purely stunning work. Take care, and wipe carefully.


8th August 2003 - 21:04:59
456 : Niki
hey mr. methane, you may know my boyfriend(Jekel_Chainz) he first showed me your site a while back, i thought it was all funny, but, i have a question, do you have to eat something to get the gas you pass, through your @$$, or, is it all natural?


7th August 2003 - 17:25:01
455 : "Lunch Box"
sup fart master of them all, your gift is so excelent, is it hard to try and not $#!+ yourself? How did you come up with some of your songs? and, How did you find the design for your totally kool outfit? also, last thing, you have a totally kool accent, and singing voice!

"Eat at Joes", you know I will!

"Lunch Box"

7th August 2003 - 16:41:14
454 : Buddy
hey fart man, how's your guts doin after a long day of farting? I wish i could make myself fart like you do! have you always been able to do that? what do you call your gift?

fartfully yours


6th August 2003 - 22:35:04
453 : ross sanders of newton abbot
i am the orginal MR METHANE

6th August 2003 - 02:49:36
451 : Minun
i like you mr methane so much you gas to much hahaha

4th August 2003 - 02:04:39
I like the smell of my farts BUT, I can't stand the smell of anybody elses farts

2nd August 2003 - 00:15:34
445 : Robyn
hey hey hey good farts

1st August 2003 - 19:30:22
444 : lugnut
I fart a lot and im going to practice farting all day once I get your video.

1st August 2003 - 19:28:25
443 : lugnut
I just found this web page it is pretty good so im going to buy your video now ok.

31st July 2003 - 21:22:49
441 : kristen
remember me? we used to talk on the phone...from chicago. how are you

24th July 2003 - 01:49:38
439 : Sheri
Keep up the good ol' stinky work...someone has to do it! There is nothing in the world that produces a good laugh like the wonderful art of the fart! I'm proud of you...keep on fartin my man! By the way, what in the hell do you eat? Have you trained your colon to produce on demand. WHAT TALENT EXTRODINAIRE :-)

18th July 2003 - 11:54:39
438 : JUBIN
Unbelieverable Mr Methane, have you ever been in Italy? If not, call me and meet me and my farting friends for a "melody funny beans and peas night"!

14th July 2003 - 09:41:53
437 : Earp
Will you ever tour with the macc lads again Mr Methane.

12th July 2003 - 05:04:13
434 : Anika
how loud can people fart and how long can people fart.

9th July 2003 - 03:07:08
433 : jam

5th July 2003 - 21:46:05
430 : sam
keep ripping them off and blowing your arse apart u rule methane is god. ps are you as loud as a class 37.

5th July 2003 - 10:20:54
429 : Nick "the Italian Stallion"
Mr Methane, you are incredible! What can I say you must be my twin brother as I do do some juicy ones myself you know. However, I'll definately need some more years to master your techniques, by which stage my wife might probably leave me!!! Maybe if I learn how to fart a romantic tune I might woo her to stay.......

5th July 2003 - 10:13:01
428 : Nick Guglielmucci
This website is excellent - roll on you farting nation!

4th July 2003 - 19:56:53
427 : Rich Kirk
Dear Mr Methane.

I just had to drop you a line to say how cool your joke was about the guy who could fart tunes in that bar. Me and all the rest of my work mates were in stitches for the last two days.


clearing my throat!!!!


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