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15th September 2002 - 02:57:11 AM
278 : Jon Hingos
Your a trip BRO!!!!!, love it . If I ever get overseas I will deff want to look up your show!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!1 farts forever!!! and FUNNEY!!!.. break wind !! CHEERS JON H ...bye..

10th September 2002 - 09:38:24 AM
277 : fumer (I think!)
I find it hard to type right now, my vision is blurred, and I'm holding my breath and going blue! I'm sure fumes are coming from the CPU. Must.... reboot.....the...syssssstem....quickly....Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

10th September 2002 - 07:46:10 AM
276 : Henry
Where's the Singapore tour planned? Nice work!
Henry. Singapore

26th August 2002 - 05:13:04 PM
275 : little twin star
well...i saw u @ lowlands festival in holland yesterday and i must say..i laffed my ass off :) thnx!

little twin sta

23rd August 2002 - 01:53:14 AM
274 : kimberly c
mr.meathane you truly are my hero.keep on farting

21st August 2002 - 01:33:34 PM
273 : joe
Hi man,

How r u man. I wanted to let you know I love your site and I have ordered your video. Ive always enjoyed farting and I can force a few myself and I usually insert some air up my buttocks then shoot it out. I can do a simple tune and I would like to know if you teach others how to fart on command like you do. I would love to achive that talent. Farting is fun and I want to be able to have full control. Can you help me at all? Any advice, or instruction? I get to the UK now and then and I would like to meet you if you'd allow that. Have a few beers and maybe you could teach me how to fart on command. Let me know.

Whats your longest fart? I heard someone did one for 11 seconds, I bet you could beat that right?

Also, I ordered the video but I have not recieved an Email saying that I will be getting it. Id really like to hear from your ordering dept about my purchase. I really want your show on tape.

I hope to hear from you man.


19th August 2002 - 07:08:16 AM
272 : Sean
I really love when a female lets off, the best ones are when she has farted a silent one, and there is one hell of a stink. ANY FEMALE WANTS TO TALK TO ME ABOUT THEMSELVES FARTING JUST E-MAIL ME

17th August 2002 - 07:41:26 PM
271 : Stefan Klaasen
Hello King of Flatulance!,

I frequently visit your windy website, because I can't get enough of that humourus musical talent of yours. I love to hear farts! I almost die laughing when I hear a good one!
I once saw you on the André van Duinshow on RTL4 on Dutch television when you did "How much is that doggy in the window"! Unfortunately I didn't tape it. Boohoo!!!!
When are you going to apear on Dutch television again?

Greetings from The Netherlands,

Stefan Klaasen

17th August 2002 - 02:24:01 PM
fart fart fart stinky from my trouser

15th August 2002 - 12:33:02 PM
269 : jamesy and phil
mr methane rocks

09th August 2002 - 03:36:27 PM
268 : Ace
Man, i'd love to take you down the curry mile of rusholme, manchester, you'd blow me away

07th August 2002 - 12:47:08 AM
267 : Stewart Quinn
Dear Mr. Methane,

Having justy BREEZED thru your website I was really CHUFFED to find out that you're a Macc lad, but then again I could tell because my girlfriend is a Macc lass (she is related to your cousin? Hazel Siddons thru marriage).

I admire a man with an AIR of individuality, and am aware that your colonic gift has begat many a Trouser Cough which has passed subsequently into the Anals of Rumplore.

Deep in the bowels of my unconscious I long to be able to RIP my way out of this retentive closet, that social pressure has led me into...but feel that the WINDS of change are afoot...and by your turbulent lead feel that I can find my back-door niche at last.

Perhaps you could give a few tips to an up and coming young GUFFER, as often I try too hard leaving my girlfrind reaching for the stain-devil...
...your Yogic attainment would be admired by Tibetan Tulkus et al as I feel that you have rediscovered the ancient Taoist secret of a healthy sphincter being a major key to literally sh*t and p*ss life-force away in old age because your muscles become too relaxed hence why incontinence is so common amongst gimmers and not amongst Thai hookers...check out books by a guy called Master Mantak Chia esp. 'Chi Self-Massage: Taoist Techniques For Rejuvenation'

How forward looking with your organic pastime you must have been...cutting a swathe for the GREEN MOVEMENT...dealing with DELICATE ISSUES...

Keep the Crowley said 'Every Man and Every Woman is a Star', and you are one great big gas giant motherf*cker...incidentally have you ever met Donald Trump...

Yours Muddily.

Stewart Quinn

06th August 2002 - 09:22:54 AM
266 : Dimas
Someone sent me an email this morning..What? My Boss!! (not kiddin') he asked me to take a look of this site..My Good!! what's going on?
And then...HAH?!? what is this?? wow..i saw someone with special's very entertaining!! really..well, Mr Methone..i would like to know u more!!
I live in Indonesia (if u dont know where it is..Indonesia is in South East Asia..we neighbor with Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia..)
In Indonesia, fart is very very FORBIDDEN (i mean is unpolite) especially when u were in the table..they can kill you, man!! especially for Javanese
But i think we are in different culture..i can understand that..hehehe
oh yeah..they not sell your album here (in Indonesia) can you send me your album or vcd (perhaps..haha) so i can see ur performance..i think its very interesting!!!!
ok...see u !!!

05th August 2002 - 10:27:39 PM
265 : callum & brion
hi ur website wreaks i mean rules! u must have a mashed up anus man. wow it must be all rotten. wot does ur wife think of u at nitetime? Wot do you eat and drink to make such a DeVaStAtInG ExPoSuRe Of GaS?
By the way how many pairs of pants do u go through in a day u must easily burn holes inup 2 20 pairs per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see ya bri and cal

04th August 2002 - 05:54:57 PM
264 : joe
I love your talent. I wanted to know if you had any advice or instruction on how to fart like you do. Id love to be able to just kick back and hum out a tune like you do. Its a real gift. Could you help me out?


03rd August 2002 - 06:58:45 PM
263 : liz
this site is wicked!!!!!!!!! dont u think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01st August 2002 - 09:33:48 PM
262 : harry
About 15 years ago I was pitching ideas back and forth
with some friends about creating a skit about someone who
actually had your...ahem.."talent". We dubbed this
hypothetical performer FLATULO THE MAGNIFICENT (pronounced
"fla-TU-lo". We imagined our ficticious performer in
various situations (county fairs, small club venues,
biker fests and the ubiquitous college fraternity
"performances". Imagine my surprise to discover YOU,
the real FLATULO. As a token of my appreciation for
sick and socially unacceptable humor, I will attempt to send you a sample of a FLATULO advertisement.

Careful with those matches, eh!

01st August 2002 - 07:52:17 PM
261 : monique and morgan brown
this is the best website ever. the curry fart is ba

31st July 2002 - 08:52:30 PM
260 : Dal
How come the signers say "mee-thane". I was under the impression it was "me-thane".

And about that little "this is a family site, so please keep it clean" message above. Do you actually expect us to believe this is a FAMILY site

27th July 2002 - 04:51:59 AM
259 : Dave
yo methane your the best i bet if you farted at any living thing that smells bad you could probably kill the thing(just jokin hehe)see yeah


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