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19th March 2013 - 16:34:02
2007 : dominic isaacs
hi there
one question how long does it take to practice to do this and how long of u been doing it for


Like a sportsman or woman for that matter I do many hours of exercise each week that isn't farting but that keeps me Farting Fit. I've been doing it for 32 years. You can read more here

Yours flatulently,

Mr Methane!

6th March 2013 - 10:28:49
2006 : Dan
In view of the popularity of all the super hero movies these days such as Iron Man, Batman, The Avengers etc. I think it's about time to bring Mr Methane to the big screen as well. Now THAT is a movie I would pay to see! And in 3-D no less. It would literally blow away the competition! And I mean that from the heart of my bottom...



I'm in total agreement with you on this one. I did a few years back make a short pilot show of a Mr Methane animated adventure series but it seems that the idea is either overblown or I simply don't have the right connections. One day who knows maybe its time will come.

Mr Methane!

5th March 2013 - 05:22:10
2005 : Duke Dangler
From your humble beginnings performing your patented bowel blasts at the local squash courts in Macclesfield, to your fartistic exhibitions in front of the crowned heads of Europe, you have shown what hard work & perseverance can do. You are truly an inspiration.

Your breadth of work is truly awe-inspiring. You've taken us on a magical journey as you interpret the works of Shakespeare, Stewart, Wonder & that w**ker Collins. You have revolutionized the dance floor. You are truly an international treasure, and deserve to stand alongside of Elton John & Paul McFartney as a Knight of the Realm.

You have changed my life. I no longer hang my head in shame as I crank out my patented mid-range rippers in the bog. I've worked to add searing, tweeter-frying highs & taut, burly bass to my repertoire. I fart loud & proud at every opportunity, my favorite forum being the claustrophobic confines of an elevator. Sharing is caring.

You have taught us through anal japery that all speech must be encouraged and protected. You are the great liberator. Thank you for putting the art in fart, and for making us laugh. You are a great man. Thank you for reading, and may the wind always be coming out your back. You are forever young.



Thanks, you are obviously a man who understands where I'm coming from !

Mr Methane!

1st March 2013 - 23:57:31
2004 : James
Hi Mr Methane! You are a deadset legend! Would love to see you in Australia again sometime soon.

Cheers :)

20th February 2013 - 18:27:26
2003 : Windy Miller
Hello Mr Methane, its Windy again. I was wondering is that you in that new Chunky Kit Kat advert? The guy on there wears a green costume just like you. I have thought of a good follow up (not follow through) to Elton Johns tune-Candle in the wind, called Saturday nights alright for Farting(though I suppose any other night would be just as good)
Happy Farting.


Hello Windy,

If I did I think I would rename it "Shaturday Nights Alright for Sharting" If your going to do it you might as well go all the way.

Sorry to disappoint but that isn't me on the Kit Kat commercial

Mr Methane!

15th February 2013 - 20:04:25
2002 : liam
i fart a lot


keep up the good work liam

Mr Methane!

7th February 2013 - 17:18:33
2000 : connie harrison
Mr Methane
You are the funniest funniest person in the whole world and simon Cowell is the disgusting creature You have a great talent



Mr Methane!

7th February 2013 - 09:26:34
1999 : ian
whenever i feel down i watch a clip of you and i laugh ... your the man...thanks


No problem, raising the spirits with a good laugh is what its all about

Mr Methane!

3rd February 2013 - 18:15:48
1998 : Windy Miller
Hi Mr Methane, Listened to your interview on WRIF it was very good. I also have got wind of the World Fart championships 2013 via youtube. Perhaps you could write a piece about this and Phartman in the 'Fart related news' page on the Mr the worlds windiest website.
Happy farting and pull my finger. Windy.


Hello Windy,

Re the World Farting Championship in Finland, I'm just waiting for the English translation of the website to go live and then I will be posting all the info on News Page. Plenty of time still to go, the event takes place 12, 13, 14 July 2013

Yours flatulently

Mr Methane!

31st January 2013 - 21:44:49
1997 : julian grigg
You sir are my hero,and in many ways a guiding influence.
Like your good self,my career started at school,and progressed through to my adult life.I do not perform in public, but have raised money for charity at private events.At the age now of 57, my ring is now a bit frayed round the edges, and I am semi-retired but to hear you perform is pure music.may you keep up the good work. Thanks again. PONGO 57.



Thanks for your support, its nice to know that you are using your powers for good causes just like a true super hero would. May the wind always be beneath your wings.

Yours flatulently,

Mr Methane!

29th January 2013 - 05:15:10
1996 :

29th January 2013 - 05:09:19
1995 : Brent Frederickson
Mr Methane,if you probably got that message I sented you of how to fart so long,well I figured ot the you have to do sretches and I did that and man was that loud,plus I got that from one of your videos.

27th January 2013 - 04:47:06
1993 : CH4RIS
Haiku to Mr Methane:

Mr Methane's butt is loud and colorful
A Chinese firecracker

21st January 2013 - 04:51:05
1992 : Lawrence Cunningham
I just want to say Mr methane i think youre hilarious and very funny too.I wish i could have youre talent being a flatulence also.

15th January 2013 - 01:33:26
1990 : Jiggaman
Mr. methane, many many years ago I heard you on the howard stern show here in the states. That day, You inspired me to be myself. I love you. Jiggaman, Evans City Pennsylvania.



Yes I agree. Always be yourself, thats the secret of sucess.

Mr Methane!

13th January 2013 - 15:34:01
1989 : Phartman
Hello, Mr Methane!
We are arranging fart contest next summer! I'm sure You win the race but can we let You participate 'cos You are Real Pro. I hope we'll see You here in Finland!


I cant wait until the summer, this is going to be a BLAST !

Mr Methane!

10th December 2012 - 23:01:03
1985 : Brent Frederickson

we wish you a fartmas in the fart of the fartcheeks


Thanks Brent,

Merry Christmas & a Flatulent New Year to you also

Mr Methane!

3rd December 2012 - 16:07:16
1984 : Andrea
You such good rapper and toaster(just saw cut the cheese video)and also very good looking bloke.

2nd December 2012 - 23:22:50
1983 : CH4RIS
A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
May songs keep coming from your rear
You truly have put the art into fart
My friend passed out when you farted the dart.

And who is to say that you're not the real deal
When it comes to all things perineal?
You've cracked us up for many a year
And so we wish you extreme Christmas cheer.

Hope Santa will bring you a lot of cool things
You probably need a brand new anal ring!
May the Universe grant you fortune and fame
As you've made the phrase "Big Bang" a hilarious game

And so for the New Year I wish you the best
And may you never make a mess
And please don't ever strain a bowel
The next time you fart at Simon Cowell.

Merry Christmas Mr Methane, straight from the heart
I raise a toast to your name
Every time someone farts :)

From CH4RIS and all your Vegas fans

13th November 2012 - 00:42:52
1982 : CHRIS
Nice to see someone left in music that you can look up to! Elvis, The Beatles, and Mr. Methane.

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