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08th December 2001 - 04:48:49 AM
78 : richard lara
hey buddy,
I listen to you on the stern show can`t stop laughing keep up the good work later.


07th December 2001 - 03:00:24 AM
77 : Bruce Stewart
I heard you on the Howard Stern show last week and you truly amazed me. I am quite a gas passer my self, but you are the KING! My hat is off to you. Your tallent superseeds anyone. You are the king of Flatulence!!!!


06th December 2001 - 06:58:24 PM
76 : Norsesail
Dearest Mr. Methane,

My colleauge and I have been enjoying your melodious tones for nearly six months now. Each month we check back to see what our hero Mr. Methane has recently posted.

Several days ago, a question arose in our circle. When Mr. Methane is giving his all for a performance, does he 'really' give it 'all.' As in, does the crowd, or recording studio personnel experience the aroma or Mr. Methane's performance.

Signed Respectfully,
Boston, M

05th December 2001 - 11:46:34 PM
75 : Ross
Drew & Mike (WRIF) have been good to you and Michigan will never be the same. What a way to make a living !!

05th December 2001 - 07:50:55 PM
74 : kenny
mr methane, heard you on howard this morning! your a gas! (haha) keep up the fantastic work. i'm looking foward to playing your cd during my xmas dinner my in-laws will have a stroke. best to you

05th December 2001 - 03:07:59 PM
73 : Leper Girl
Dear Mr. Methane,
I was delighted to hear you on the Howard Stern Show this morning. I must say you are a very talented performer. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.
Love on ya,
Leper Gir

05th December 2001 - 02:30:51 PM
72 : Mo
Like the last time I heard you on Stern, you killed (literally)!! Again, as an attorney who specializes in U.S. immigration law, I honestly believe that your extraordinary talents could garner you a green card here! Would be an interesting application, to say the least.

Keep up the tremendously entertaining work! My regards to Barrie Barlow

05th December 2001 - 01:54:14 PM
71 : Dennis from Mass usa
I'm listening right now! I love it

04th December 2001 - 03:50:20 AM
70 : jay from boston mass usa
just heard you are coming to the stern show thats great news i will have my recorder ready thanks again you are the best

30th November 2001 - 09:37:34 PM
69 : William Cassidy
Keep up the good work. God knows we someone to represent us

30th November 2001 - 02:26:44 PM
68 : DW
Lord Methane,

Oh, Man! I just ordered your CDs, so I am anxiously awaiting their arrival so as to enjoy the Colonic Philharmonic!

You are heavily promoted here in Michigan by WRIF/Drew & Mike. Please "clear the air" and tell me you will return to Detroit.

With all sincerity, please (continue) to blow it out your ass!

30th November 2001 - 01:29:43 PM
67 : Jamie
I can't stop laughing!! You are definately a pick me up when I am depressed. Thanks for being you and FART ON!!!!

24th November 2001 - 09:37:28 PM
66 : dazza
you strange.....strange people....but i like it!!!!

24th November 2001 - 06:00:47 PM
65 : ali
hey weres dook

23rd November 2001 - 08:23:53 PM
64 : chris chambers
you are a sick am i, i laughed myself shirtless, give us more!

20th November 2001 - 10:42:07 PM
63 : T**t with the hat darnell
Just visited your sight for the first time,and I was wondering if you have considered including scratch 'n' sniff facility,also how many times have you followed through whilst performing
L Darnel

16th November 2001 - 11:43:12 AM
62 : Alan Jones
I ordered your video Mr. Methane Let's Rip! from I haven't laughed so hard for years, the segments where you go up to people in the street are the best in my opinion, but the rest is very funny as well, it was well worth the money. Can't wait for your Christmas Al-Bum, I've got to have it.

All the best and keep farting !!!!!

16th November 2001 - 07:03:50 AM
61 : lynn and Adrian
We were 'blown away' by this site!!!!
good fun
We remember you well Mr Methane

14th November 2001 - 08:05:11 PM
60 : jay mcmahon
mr methane you are the best i have your cd and i recorded you from howards show when are you going to do howards show again? it has been almost a year i still laugh when you were blasting gay ramone thanks again theres nothing like a good rippe

14th November 2001 - 03:00:08 AM
59 : Paul Suquet
It's me again...
Jusat wanted to say:
Why get mad after someone farts?
Let's see this world with happiness, LAUGH about the fart, and about turds!!!
Toilet Humor RULES!!!
Mr. Methane is the king of farting/Suck-Farting!!

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