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18th August 2001 - 03:09:45 PM
18 : Mr Methane
18 : Jodie
When is your next Australian tour. We need you down under farting like a trooper. We miss you.


Dear Jodie,

Our Australian Promoter Listed Below Is Hoping To Do Something At The Back End Of This Year. His details are below.

Artie Laing
A-List Entertainment
145 Lilyfield Road
NSW 2040
Tel: 02-9555-1992
Fax: 02-9555-5323

Yours flatulently,

Mr. Methane

16th August 2001 - 06:10:36 PM
17 : Juan Tirapedos
your site, she is absolutamente perfect! I am farting now to mysefl more than every before in the past

16th August 2001 - 04:42:09 PM
16 : Elisha Cuthbert
Dear Mr. Methane

I am a canadian actress and extremely impressed with your efforts. I am hosting a party for about 150 people and would like you to email me with information on how you could attend and provide entertainment. I think your just hysterical.

Thanks Elisha

16th August 2001 - 03:37:44 PM
15 : Mark
I used to be ashamed of my farting. In fact, I once cut loose with an enormous fusillade of farts that caused my friends to complain about the odor. My response was: "do you think I like it, I have to smell it, too?" I was mortified.

Thanks to you, Mr. Methane, I no longer feel this sense of shame. Now, I can proudly let rip with no guilt and no embarassment. I do like it even if I have to smell it! In fact, I like it more! Keep up the good work

14th August 2001 - 01:17:43 PM
14 : mijmij

14th August 2001 - 12:54:40 PM
13 : martin
one ofthe most funniest sites i have ever been o

14th August 2001 - 02:43:46 AM
12 : GJCIV
I love you Mr. Methane!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the wind be with you!!!!!!!!

08th August 2001 - 03:12:11 PM
11 : vince
Keep on farting !!! Great Mr Methane..

07th August 2001 - 03:19:09 AM
10 : Matt Miller
Mr. Methane, I met you last November 24, 2000 in Houston, Texas at your performance at Garden in the Heights. It was the night after Thanksgiving. You signed my wifes and her friends breasts. I was a volunteer at the second show who wore the balloon on my head and you farted a dart and popped it. We LOVED YOUR SHOW!!!! I also bought your live show tape. We would love to see you come back to Houston for another show. Are you planning on a return to the U.S. anytime soon? Will you be making more appearances on The Howard Stern Show?

Thanks for making me laugh,

Matt Miller
Deer Park, Texa

02nd August 2001 - 08:24:09 PM
9 : Kristy Miller
Mr. Methane my dad bought me your tape for my birthday. It is by far the funniest thing i have seen. I tried imitating some of your sounds using my computer microphone to record them. Man if only you knew what my room smelled like after that. Anyways im 19 and very talented not to mention hot and kinky and always up for laughs. Please give me a call if your interested. Email me for my phone number

02nd August 2001 - 08:20:52 PM
8 : Bret Kimber
Mr. Methane I am so impressed that since I was trying to imitate you and accidently pooped on our floor. Please advise as my mum will kill me if she finds ou

02nd August 2001 - 07:39:50 PM
7 : Joe
Just bought your CD and needless to say it was great.
I also have your video. I'll be looking forward to
any new items that become available in the future.
Thank you.
Joe Mayhugh

P.S. - Don't wear white underwear

02nd August 2001 - 06:57:34 PM
6 : steve1583
At work I have to wear full coveralls for protection...when I let a 'BIG ONE RIP' I put the coveralls over my head so I can get the full those beans..

02nd August 2001 - 05:51:35 PM
5 : Jon Shack
Love your video ! It`s fartastic !

02nd August 2001 - 05:49:57 PM
4 : Clayballs
Mr M. Your like a breath of fresh air....Keep it up !

02nd August 2001 - 04:53:50 PM
3 : Governor LePetomane
Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with all of your emissions. Please keep up the good work

02nd August 2001 - 01:15:20 PM
2 : Linda
Love the site!!! You're the best!

17th July 2001 - 02:39:33 PM
1 : Mr. Methane!
Dear one and all,

Welcome to my brand new visitors book. All the old entries have been archived for posteriority ( nothing is thrown away ) Why not be one of the first to leave a deposit and remember, "Always Wipe Thoroughly!!!"

Yours flatulently,

Mr. Methane

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