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Christmas Farts album Merry Methane

A Feast of Festive Flatulence from the King of Farts! - Fart Audio CD
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Merry Methane - CD Farts Album

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01 - Merry Methane
02 - Sleigh Ride
03 - Jingle Bells
04 - White Christmas
05 - Rocking Around The Christmas Tree
06 - Blue Christmas
07 - Last Christmas
08 - Winter Wonderland
09 - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
10 - Merry Christmas Everybody
11 - Auld Lang Syne

Prepare yourselves for a "Feast of Festive Flatulence"

I have digested copious amounts of turkey, stuffing, sprouts, cabbage, peas, beans, and gravy, to help me deliver these windy renditions of some of my favourite Yuleturd tunes.

I hope they will brighten up your vacation period & make you feel a lot better about your own holiday humdingers.

Invite your friends & neighbours around to sample the delights of my Anal Artistry.

You could all join in, a sort of "Gathering of the Guts", but be sure to open your windows

I would like to thank all the musicians and singers who have arsisted me in these recordings & managed to get to the end of the sessions without passing out.

We did have a couple of casualities but nothing a quick dose of smelling salts couldn't sort out.
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