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A Feast of Multimedia Flatulence! Fart Video Clips

Welcome to the Dropping Guts Page, here you can see and hear various Video & Audio clips of Mr. Methane in action during his long and distinguished career as a Performing Flatulist.

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Mr. Methane Letting Rip in Norway.
Watch Mr. Methane's now legendary appearance on Norwegian television.
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Mr Methane Fart Interview image
Mr. Methane Fart Interview.
Here Mr. Methane introduces himself and explains the finer points of his 'Art.
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Mr. Methane Farting The Blue Danube.
See Mr. Methane cutting a track from his best selling album In the Doghouse Studio.
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Mr Methane Lets Rip Video Trailer image
Fartman meets Mr. Methane.
Here's a blast from the past it's Mr. Methane's first ever appearance on the Howard Stern Show.
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Mr Methane Fart Interview image
Mr. Methane Lets Rip! - Video Trailer.
The promotional trailer for Mr. Methane's "Lets Rip" DVD, available to buy in the Fart Shop.
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Audio Farts Clips

Mr Methane on Valentines Day
Mr. Methane's Rendition of I Just Called To Say I Love You

Just for Valentines Day. Send it to your loved one today!

MP3 Audio Format - 2.55 MB Download.
Mr. Methane plays 'Name That Fume' on the Scott Mills Show - BBC Radio 1
Mr. Methane appears as Special Guest on the Radio 1 Scott Mills show, and performs a special game of "name that fume". Originally broadcast 10/10/2007.

MP3 Audio Format - 8.78 MB Download.
The Macc Lads - Beer Necessities - Mister Methane
The Macc Lads - "Mister Methane" from the Beer Necessities album, find out more at

MP3 Audio Format - 3.33 MB Download.
Mr. Methane Beth and Bill Radio Interview
Mr. Methane chats to Beth and Bill on 99.9 Kez FM

MP3 Audio Format - 4.82 MB Download.
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