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Live Farting Performances & After Dinner Speeches

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Mr. Methane on stage
Mr Methane on stage with a member of the audience!

Mr. Methane farts a dart!
Mr. Methane farts a dart at a volunteer at Aberyswyth University.

Mr. Methane farts birthday candles out!
Mr. Methane blows out the candles with his ass to celebrate a birthday!

Mr. Methane on Das Supertalent
Mr. Methane on Das Supertalent in Germany!

Looking for an unusual variety act? Book a Live Mr. Methane Fart Show or an after dinner talk from the Windy One about his unusual 20 year career at the Bottom End of show business.

Variety Fart Show.

By the time you reach this page you will hopefully have an idea of what I'm about, I perform a Flatulent Show using the same technique as 19th Century Farter Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane. Basically I possess the rare ability of "singing" from both ends, putting the "art into fart" rock, pop, and classical selections are included in my musical repertoire which, combined with a stunning visual display of... Candle snuffing; talc blowing, and the incredible... Dart farting, guarantees a reaction from any audience.

I tend to pitch my variety show at the 25 - 30 min mark as this is the time duration that has the most impact with a live audience. This time formula was used to great effect by the Beatles who only ever did thirty minute live sets.

Apart from the many TV & Radio Shows and there have been a lot over the last 20 years - about a hundred TV shows and many, many more radio shows both here and abroad - I'm usually as a rule booked for private parties, corporate events, festivals, student unions and nightclubs looking to book something unique, different and unusual. The type of people who book me come from across the whole social spectrum, children to royalty, barristers to builders, students, mums and dads. My humour crosses all of society.

I've literally "worked my passage" around the World with Live appearances in Europe, North America, Canada, Asia & Australia, including performances at the worlds top comedy festivals in Montreal, Edinburgh & Melbourne. So if you fancy a "Live Fart Show" get in touch. Using the web form below.

After Dinner Speaking.

Making my living for the last 20 years as a Performing Flatulist under the stage name of Mr.Methane! has led to a rich and unusual life of performing for both ends of the social spectrum from highbrow events for celebrities, politicians, Landed Gentry and Nobility to Corporate events for Perfume Companies and the occasional trip to the seaside as a supporting act for the likes of Bobby Davro and Roy Chubby Brown - I was banned from Chubby's gigs for offending his audience! Though I tend to think the real reason is that I was just much more memorable than he was which isn't hard when as support you only have to do fifteen minutes of your best stuff and your the real deal, a genuine Johnny Fartpants. - I've also appeared as a guest on numerous great and sometimes not so great television shows around the world from Arty Farty French documentaries to populist tabloid style shows like Britain's Got Talent and last but by no means least my numerous appearances with The King of All Media, Howard Stern. In Stockholm I am the act that blew open the doors of censorship, launching Swedish TV into a new open era with a rendition of God Save the Queen in front of the Swedish Foreign minister. In Austria I am the "face" of an Austrian anti racism advert and Down Under I hold the record for the most complaints received by an Australian TV station after "singing" Happy Birthday to former World No1 Tennis Player, John Newcombe on Channel 9s Footy Show.

What I try to do is present a serious talk about how Thatcherism of the late 80s propelled me from working as a train driver into becoming a 20th Century Le Petomane, drawing on the many unusual experiences of the last twenty years to illustrate my even more unusual journey. I find that people do find the comedy themselves in what I do without actually seeing me in action and that the subject matter of my profession if presented in a serious format is full of unintentional puns & humour. That said a brief illustration by way of a demonstration is usually requested by the audience with a Strauss Waltz or a Dart Farted into the Balloon on someone's head finishing off the talk satisfactorily for many. So if a talk about my life in Farting appeals to you simply get in touch using the web form below.



"Mr. Methane you are a true Genius. A huge star"..
Howard Stern.

"Farting is the first thing we laugh at in life and probably the only thing we can always laugh at. Mr Methane will blow you away"..
Kelsey Grammer.

"You are a Disgusting Creature!"..
Simon Cowell.

"No one else can follow Mr Methane"..
Bobcat Goldthwait.

"A pumping prodigy"..
Mark Radcliffe.

"I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with him"..
Chris Tarrant.

"The Emperor of anal emissions"..
Sacha Baron Cohen.


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