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Mr. Methane Lets Rip! - The Farts Video!!

Fart-tastic Farting Video - Mr Methane Lets Rip!

Mr Methane - Fart DVD
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All colon coughs guaranteed 100% genuine.

Mr. Methane will blow you away with his hilarious video release 'Mr. Methane Lets Rip!'

Mr. Methane has mastered the fine art of 'Petomania' AKA Controlled Anal Voicing, and his side splitting performance truly has to be seen to be believed.

HUM ALONG as he anally whistles through a repertoire of favourite tunes!

PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY as he chuffs his way onto the streets, surprising members of the general public with his fantastic flatulence and outrageous output.

Celebrate as the sphincteral superhero brings new meaning to BLOWING OUT birthday candles and gives his own unique take on some great sporting moments!

Mr Methane Lets Rip Trailer Click HERE to download the promotional trailer

Windows Media / 1.37MB
Gaze IN WONDER at his WIND ASSISTED DART PROPULSION and THRILL at his rapid fire routines!

Star of the stage, screen and radio and coming to a video near you, Mr. Methane warns 'You'll know when you've been methaned!'

If you buy one video this year make sure it's 'Mr. Methane Lets Rip!'.

As featured on the Howard Stern Show!

Approx running time 50 minutes. Available on DVD Video - NTSC Region Free.

Mr Methanes hilarious fart movie is truly unique as it contains genuine scenes of comedy farting and flatulence.

Its the best comedy farting video on the market by far, Why ? Because Mr Methane is a genuine disciple of the technique known as Petomania, first performed in the 19th century at the Moulin Rouge by Frenchman Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane.

If you enjoyed the farting scene in Mel Brookes Blazing Saddles movie then you'll die laughing when you see this hilarious fart DVD. It contains live show footage, candid camera scenes, comedy sketches and the amazing, not to be missed dart farting scene!

All in all if you like farts and farting then you'll love Mr Methane Lets Rip, The Fart Video.
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